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Ethereum dropped: Here’s why & Exactly why you shouldn’t panic sell
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Ethereum dropped: Here’s why & Exactly why you shouldn’t panic sell

by Matt BleasbyJune 12, 2017

Ethereum Was Flying

There’s no other way to describe a $140 price leap over a weekend. On Friday, I was hopeful that this would happen.

But even I was surprised when Ethereum crashed through $320 like paper. Then we hit an all-time high of $420 at 6 a.m. this morning.

Then growth halted. Ethereum’s price is now rocketing downward.

Let’s take a second to talk about why this is happening and why this is no time to sell.

Panic Selling & Coinbase (Again)

Well, it’s happened again. Coinbase is down. And, just like last time, this has initiated a wave of panic selling.

GDAX, another digital currency exchange, is also down.

The source of these outages is obvious. In the last few days, Ethereum has been scooped up in unprecedented amounts. This trading volume puts a strain on digital currency platforms that are still adjusting to a massive influx of users.

Coinbase is making strides toward improving security, but its system still has issues with this high of a level of transactions.

Regardless of what the platforms do, downed systems cause panic selling across other platforms & from users able to get into Coinbase.

Ethereum Is Correcting

Ethereum’s correction was long overdue. In fact, every time the currency dropped $20 in the last day, I was sure that this was it.

The last time Ethereum surged like this, it had a 50% correction shortly after. The time before that, it had a 45% correction.

More money than ever is also on the table, making investors antsy to sell.

Corrections aren’t a cause for concern as much as they are a symptom of overbuying in the space. They do not affect Ethereum’s long-term potential & infact are welcomed to force another rise.

So, think twice before you sell & try to buy back at a lower price. For some people, this works. Personally, I wouldn’t gamble with a volatile market. Buy on dips & hold is my advice.

Either way, brace for the correction & just be glad to see movement in the Ethereum market. As i write this now its back at $389 suggesting maybe another surge today around 8am & another day of stress for man

A Hopeful Note to Those Who Are Holding No Matter What

To many Ethereum investors, holding is the name of the game. These investors are going to hold straight up to $2,000 or whatever obscene heights Ethereum will reach. Day traders will do what they will. But most people are locked in on long-term profits.

But for those of you who are teetering on the edge, know this: There are a lot of reasons why more booms are coming.

And the big reason is adoption.

In the world of digital currency, adoption is key. Well, in the world of tech, adoption is key.

Without adoption, a technology will flounder & die. And Ethereum is being adopted at a breakneck pace.

New Zealand announced plans to add Ethereum to its digital currency exchanges. Russia announced that it would be using the Ethereum blockchain in its business structures. China came forward and announced the development of a digital yuan, based on Ethereum. And the United Kingdom is developing its own digital asset that will back gold.

And Ethereum is only two years old.

Want me to tell you what Bitcoin was doing at year two of its life? It wasn’t worth anything. It certainly wasn’t getting attention from national governments, banks & tech giants.

Bitcoin forged the way for Ethereum to skyrocket early in life. And after seeing one digital currency succeed, investors are more confident.

After all, who doesn’t look at Bitcoin’s lofty near $3,000 price tag and wish they had taken a piece of that pie? I mean at some point they were worth 0.4$ each… Just think about that.

Big events are coming throughout the year we will try to keep you all up to date before major events.

Stay tuned for more #TechUKTV

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