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IOS 11 BETA – Available NOW.

IOS 11 BETA – Available NOW.

by Matt BleasbyJune 26, 2017

Are you excited about trying out the new features coming up with iOS 11. If that’s the case, Apple just released the first public beta of iOS 11. It is now available to download for everyone. You don’t need to pay £99 for a developer account to download it. But remember, it is still a beta.

While the company still plans to release the final version of iOS 11 this fall, Apple is going to release regular public betas over the summer. This way, the company can iron out the bugs & test new features on a large group of users, Feedback is key in any project! if your a Apple techie then you should check this out.

Apple released the second developer beta just last week, so it’s safe to say that this first public beta is more or less the same build as the one in the developer channel.

But remember this is a BETA expect some things won’t work while others might crash your phone altogether although there usually pretty much end products come this time. We’ve all used Alphas. Many developers will tell you horror stories about iPhones that simply don’t boot up because of a beta.


Make sure your iCloud backup is up to date by going to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Even more important, plug your iOS device to your computer to do a manual encrypted backup in iTunes. That’s the only way you can restore your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10 if things go wrong during install.

Then, here’s how to download it. Head over to this website & enroll your compatible iOS device. You have to install a configuration profile, reboot your device & update iOS like it’s a normal software update. Really simple really considering how we used to ROM phones. Works well to transfer configuration profiles between your Apple devices. In September, your device should automatically update to the final version of iOS 11

iOS 11 features a ton of improvements for the iPad. You can now drag & drop files & app icons to open new apps like a PC. work with multiple apps at once & more. It’s a complete rethinking of the iPad user experience.

The iPhone is also getting many small & big improvements. The Photos app is going to learn new tricks, you can now send money in Messages using Apple Pay, & Control Center & lock screen are getting some much needed refinements. Its the little things like this that gives Apple that prestige & class over many other manufacturers. Many of us call it sheep simple. But iFans say “It just work’s how you want it to”.

Finally, there are some major changes under the hood, starting with ARKit & Core ML. Many third-party developers are already working on augmented reality apps & features as it has become much easier to turn the iPhone camera into an AR-enabled device. Apple really pushing the AR section here. Just think when you go to a concert next you can whip out your phone & look around for your seat. Or it could show you which isle milk is on at Tesco. Cool… But worth it? – Will it be used? Let us know drop a comment let us know your thoughts.

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