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Reasons why KODI users need a VPN in 2017
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Reasons why KODI users need a VPN in 2017

by Matt BleasbyJune 27, 2017

Do you use Kodi?  Have you heard about using Kodi with a VPN service, but wonder why you would need it?  What exactly will it do for you?

Well, in this post, I will give 4 good reasons why you should use a VPN for your Kodi streaming TV box, PC or Device.

  1. Keep Your ISP’s Eyes Off of Your Traffic
  2. Stream From Servers Anonymously
  3. Access Geo-Blocked Content or Internet Censorship
  4. Early Access to New Releases

But first, a little background about Kodi streaming add-ons…

Kodi Chord Cutting:

If you’re a cord-cutter like us and ditched your cable or satellite bill, you’re probably aware of how many options there are out there for streaming TV shows and movies.

Besides the mainstream paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Apple TV, and Google Play Video, you’ve probably discovered the holy grail of streaming… Kodi, the open source home theater software that you can run on just about any device. (Get more help with your KODI device over at our Friends at KODIUKTV)

Kodi by itself is pretty basic and really only lets you play your own local media files and stream video from a selection of official add-ons.

However, a whole world of unlimited video streaming opens up to you when you start looking at unofficial add-ons.

Unofficial add-ons are developed by people who have no association with the Kodi core team, but they write add-ons that are intended to work on Kodi.  There is a vast amount of unofficial add-ons you can select from, and the decision to install those add-ons and what you do with those add-ons is up to you (legally and ethically speaking).

Is Kodi Legal

A Note About US and EU Laws Regarding Streaming

Several readers have commented that streaming is not illegal according to US and EU law, and it would only be illegal if you download and/or sell the content for profit.

While that might be true in the law today, there are lots of large media organizations lobbying to change the law to crack down on streaming cutting into their profits.  I would rather err on the side of caution because we don’t know what will happen in the future.  I don’t want my detailed traffic activity logged on my ISP’s servers if it doesn’t have to be.

On the other hand…

Update June 2017 – People have started to recieve letters from there ISP’s regarding the download and access of copyright content. another reason why a VPN in 2017 is a must!

Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, among others, are already sending out letters.

With all that said, here are 4 reasons why Kodi streamers need a VPN

#1 – Keep Your ISP’s Eyes Off of Your Traffic


If you are using unofficial Kodi add-ons to stream TV shows and movies for free, I really recommend you use a VPN.  We personal use DigibitVPN here & have been working with the guys for a while now. There VPN app is simple and easy to use for android & there whole network is designed 100% around Streaming as a primary use. Guaranteeing the best speeds possible / No logs / Full Anon access / Geo Access to blocked content like PrimeWire & IceMovies & Much Delete repeated word more. Have a read of there site for more & if you sign up dont forget to grab 20% off with the code (TECHUKTV)

Don’t let your ISP (Internet Service Provider) see and track everything you’re streaming and from where.  A VPN will encrypt all of your data in and out of your Kodi box or even your entire home (see below about DD-WRT routers).  It also passes your data through a VPN server anywhere in the world… you can choose.

This makes your ISP’s peering eyes blind to the contents and source of your Internet traffic.  With ISPs sending letters to people who are pirating content, this reason is becoming more important than ever considering how much is being blocked so far this year! Even some of our links are getting blocked! & we never thought that would happen.

#2 – Stream From Servers Anonymously

The other side of the coin is being able to browse, download, and stream anonymously.  Not only is your ISP blind to your traffic, but the server you download from is blind to who you are and where you’re from.

Your IP address can’t be tracked by the servers you’re downloading from since the servers just see the VPN server that the traffic is routing through.

#3 – Access Geo-Blocked Content or Internet Censorship

Some Kodi streaming servers may be geo-blocking, meaning they are only going to serve streams to users in a certain set of countries.  With a VPN, you can choose a server in the country of your choice, and then those servers will think you are from there, and they will serve the content accordingly.

This is a huge issue for those using mainstream paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.  They are notorious for having a ton of their content geo-blocked to allow for only certain countries due to all the partnership they have and all the agreements they must abide by.  Fortunately for you, using a VPN is a great way to get around that.

Update: Netflix and Hulu have wised up to the VPN workarounds and have started detecting the use of VPNs and blocking them.  But, I’m ok with that because I can find just about anything in Kodi add-ons.

#4 – Early Access to New Releases

Another popular use for VPNs is getting access to new releases before everyone else.

For instance, if there’s a brand new video game coming out and it’s releasing at midnight on a certain day, if you’re in the United States, you can set your VPN to connect to somewhere in Asia to get access to download and play the game almost a day earlier than the rest of your friends – DigibitVPN also offers DDOS protection from behind the VPN Networks – This means no matter how good you are you arent going to be worrying about being attacked to kick you from the game.

Find the Right Kodi VPN Provider:

There are a ton of Kodi VPN providers out there.  Where do you even start to pick the best one?

DigibitVPN is the best for KODI & We have used many.

I can help you out there by saying that we personally use and recommend DigibitVPN

It works great out of the box with a one-click setup.   If you want to dig deeper, it has a nice interface for you to be in complete control over your server selection and a bunch of other advanced settings too & you shouldn’t notice any drop in speed while keeping you safe online.

Try it Out… 25% Off Coupon

DigibitVPN is now offering TechUK.TV readers 20% off any plan when you use coupon code TECHUKTV

So, try it out and make sure it works well for you! I mean for £2 its crazy not to get protected.

How to Know if the VPN is Really Working

Before connecting to your VPN, go to and see what IP and location it says.  This is how the Internet sees you without a VPN.  The location is usually very approximate to somewhere in your city, usually where your ISP is based.

Now, connect to your VPN and then refresh that same website in your browser.  You should see the IP address and location change to match the server that you have selected in the VPN app.  This is how the Internet sees you when you’re connected to your VPN.

VPN with Amazon Fire Stick

I’ve received a lot of feedback from readers like you trying to setup a Kodi VPN on an Amazon Fire Stick.

It is now possible to install the VPN on 2nd Gen Firesticks It just has to be the latest one “with Alexa Voice Remote”.  The older ones are not compatible.  The 1st gen Fire Stick just got an update and now works with VPN providers. But we cant confirm this ourselves as we don’t have any sticks to test with.

Protect Your Whole House with a VPN Router

VPNs like DigibitVPN need to be installed on each device individually, and usually have a limit of the number of devices you can install on with one account (DigibitVPN allows unlimited devices but 3 connected at any one time, So dont worry about the fact you have 3 boxes in your house.

Are you like me and have lots of devices, and you don’t want to deal with installing on each one?

Well, there is a way to install the VPN once on your router to protect the privacy of every single device on your home network!

However, if you have a special kind of router (mudded to run DD-WRT or Tomato router).  If you’re interested in a whole-house VPN setup, take a look at these routers that come pre-configured for VPN

Note: Many routers will say that have a VPN feature built in, but most of those are actually opposite from what you want here. Those standard VPN features in ordinary routers allow you to remotely connect into your home network from somewhere else. That’s different than the VPN we’re talking about in this article which connects your device or your router to a VPN server at DigibitVPN, for instance. the key thing your looking for is a router that supports a VPN Client.

Questions? Comments?

We always want to hear your feedback! Stay up to date with us via our Facebook Page & Community aswell as here on the site.

How has your Kodi VPN served you?  Do you need some help troubleshooting an issue?  I always try to help.


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