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Player Unknown Battlegrounds – Tips & Tricks #TechUKTV

Player Unknown Battlegrounds – Tips & Tricks #TechUKTV

by Matt BleasbyJuly 6, 2017

Graphic Settings

  • There are many guides on this topic so I’ll keep this section relatively short.
  • Make sure that you set Foilage to very low, at higher settings as in most games foilage works against you. Grass makes it more difficult to see targets over the crests of hills and birms, and bushes become more lush and easier for other players to hide in. Settings preferences will change from person to person, but if you choose to play with foilage on high or ultra you are only hindering yourself.
  • If you are having FPS issues, there are a handful of launch options that can help.
  • -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system
  • Above are the launch options that I use, but there are many more to test and tweak with, I can’t verify the quality of any of these however as I don’t use them. [LINK]

Control Tips

  • T is the in game push to talk by default if you plan on queuing into duo or squad games by yourself.
  • Ctrl+T allows you to mute and unmute all in game voice. This is very helpful if you get queued with annoying teammates.
  • B changes fire modes on weapons.
  • V Will put you into first person. This is obviously very situational as being in third-person gives you massive advantages when peeking corners or looking over ledges, but when you’re indoors looking out a window sometimes its easiest to line up awkward angles in first person before ADS’ing.
  • Z Will allow you to prone, very useful when using terrain for cover or attempting to hide on rooftops/balconies.
  • Holding Left Alt will allow you to move your camera around without turning your characters body. This is extremely useful for looking behind you while running, as well as keeping an eye on terrain or buildings to either flank.
  • Q and E Allow you to lean slightly to the left or right, very useful when you’re pinned behind a tree trying to take a shot at an enemy. Q and E Allow you to expose as little of yourself as possible, but usage is difficult to practice.
  • Tapping Right Click Will put you into an ‘ADS’ aim-down-sight view.
  • Holding Right Click Will essentially raise your weapon and allow you to hipfire more accurately, though not nearly as accurately as ADS’ing.
  • While Holding Right Click, Q and E will change the shoulder your camera is mounted behind. By default the camera is located over the players right shoulder, but when you need to peek left around a corner try holding right click and tapping Q to shift the camera over the left shoulder.
  • Tab Will open your inventory UI, the far left section will display available loot which can either be dragged into your inventory, or can be right clicked on to auto-pick up. The left section has an AoE radius of about 3-4ft near your character. For smaller rooms (bathrooms) I find it easiest to just walk in and hit tab instead of actually looking at the ground for loot.
  • 5 will select your grenades, hitting 5 again with a grenade out will cycle through the different types of ‘nades you have access to. Don’t waste time hitting tab and dragging a smoke or frag into the bottom right corner.
  • With a grenade in hand I’ve been told right clicking changes between ‘throw’ and ‘lob/roll’ I’m not sure about this I haven’t tested it in game- nor found a necessity to do so.
  • 7, 8, 9, 0 are the default keybindings for healing items, you can rebind these in the options menu somewhere closer to your hands. However the way the inventory sorts loot it will keep all of your medical items at the top sorted strongest to weakest.
  • When Sniping holding left click down will allow you to stay scoped in to see where your round landed, if you tap left (with a bolt action) it will attempt to cycle the bolt as fast as possible, pulling you out of the scope.
  • Page up, and Page down, cycle the zeroing on the weapon you have out. For some people this is extremely useful, but personally I’ve never touched the zeroing and have learned to adjust by feel. Zeroing obviously helps at extreme ranges however. I read somewhere that each weapon has its own default zeroing when you pick it up.
  • Right clicking on the map allows you to set a yellow marker that will display on your compass at the top of the screen. Very useful when jumping out of the plane.
  • When Parachuting the direction you point yourself determines the speed that you gain (before your chute opens) I believe top speed is 234km/h if you point yourself straight down. If you want to go for distance, point your camera up as much as you can, and then use alt-look and look back down to check your trajectory or look for enemies.
  • Once your parachute opens if you want to gain extra distance tap W to rock your character back and forth. It will take a while to learn the rhythm for maximum distance/speed, but this will take you further faster and when touching down speed is key.
  • X Will put the weapon in your hands away (onto your back), and allow you to run (slightly) faster, this is very useful for many reasons. Primarily if you begin to reload a weapon with a long reload timer (pump shotgun / revolver) and need to open a door, you can use X to cancel the reload animation, open the door, and then continue reloading. Both the pump and revolver will ‘save’ the amount of rounds/shells that have been loaded into it when you stop.
  • When using X Be warned, if you begin a reload animation for the shotgun or revolver before the first round/shell is loaded, the weapon tends to bug out and will continually play the reload noises without actually loading any rounds. This is especially noticeable on the revolver, where if you cancel the reload using X at any point, the sound of the reload will continue to play indefinitely until you swap back to the gun and finish reloading it.
  • The Shotgun and Revolver can be fired mid reload. Don’t waste time trying to run for cover or evading a close enemy if you’re mid reload with these weapons, just act as if theyre loaded and pull the trigger.
  • Ctrl + 1 through 6 while in a car will allow you to change seats in the vehicle. This can only be done once every few seconds so make sure you spam it in those tense situations! (Ctrl+1 always being the command to enter the driver seat).
  • Holding Shift while in ADS will allow you to hold your breath, this steadies your accuracy, magnifies your vision slightly, and allows you to be much more precise with your shots. However this can’t be held forever as the ‘lung / stamina’ bar on the UI (to the right of your HP) will begin to drain. Once this bar runs out you will be forced out of this precise mode.
  • Holding Shift in a car boosts, this allows you to travel faster but you burn significantly more gas doing so.
  • Spacebar in a car acts as an e-brake and will allow you drift, practice this in the dacia for maximum style points.

While in the lobby…

Practice movement.

There are tons of great ledges and rocky terrain to run and jump around. People love to waste time picking up guns and shooting their friends or other players, but I’d recommend taking the time learn what you can.

Various fences have different gaps that you can use to learn which ones you can fit through and which you can’t.

Most importantly, practice running and jumping on rocky terrain. The game uses it’s physics engine to dictate velocity in the air, which makes jumping on rocks a huge pain in the ass if you don’t practice. Who knows it could save your life (and a win) in the future.

Also take this time to adjust your microphone settings. By default everyone in your vicinity can hear you speak when you use the in game PTT, this can (and should) be changed in your options. Set it to “Team Only”, and only your team will be able to hear you when you speak but you still be able to hear other players vicinity voice.

In the plane

The moment you load into the plane you should check your compass, and take a quick glance at the world below you before opening your map.

The plane generally takes anywhere from 3-10 seconds before everyone loads into it and it starts moving. Use this time to judge the landmarks on the island to try to get a feel for where the plane is going to begin. Your best visual aid is the military island on the south, as it will tell you (before the plane is even on the map) which direction the plane will be moving.

Try to remember the planes general movement at the beginning of the game. The plane always moves in a straight line but its start and end location are random.

Knowing which direction the plane came in from will allow you to gauge where players will most likely be found later in the game. Obviously this isn’t solid science as players can navigate with cars around the map, but it will give you a slight edge when choosing where you want to begin to position yourself in the later white circles.

Picking where to jump

You can travel roughly 2km when you jump from the plane, each large grid square on the map represents 1km, and each smaller white grid square on the map represents 100m

You’ll have to practice gauging the maximum distance you can travel from the plane, but the majority of people don’t and tend to go for compounds and cities fairly close to the planes trajectory. Use distance to your advantage.

  • The further you distance yourself from the plane, the less likely you will be landing with enemies.
  • Use Alt-Look in the air while free falling to try to find players traveling parallel with you.
  • Use Alt-Look more when your chute opens. Players chutes are significantly easier to spot and you can rapidly tell what theyre aiming for.
  • Try to spot a car on the way down, getting your hands on a car the moment you land will enable you to drive off to a distant city and loot freely for the initial 3-5 minutes. It will also get you away from the bulk of players, and buy you time to strategize the circle.

Looting and Weapon Preference

When you land everything is valuable.

  • Both backpacks and vests increase your carrying capacity, all forms of cosmetics do not.
  • You should never need more than 20 bandages
  • Energy-drinks and Painkillers are valuable these boosters play a huge role in the end-game, do not pass them up unless you already have 3-4 of each.
  • Med-Kits are very rare and worthwhile if you stumble across them. They take 3 seconds longer to use than the First-Aid Kit (FAK) but will heal you to 100% hp
  • Try to find / carry 2-4 FAKs at all times.
  • 5.56 is the most common, and versatile AR ammo in the game.
  • Don’t be afraid to downgrade from a T3 to a T2 vest if your T3 is almost destroyed.
  • Weapon mods are no joke. If you have the capacity and aren’t in danger, you can start ‘building’ your weapon before you find it. The UMP is great for building out an m416 before you find it.
  • The UMP and Uzi are extremely deadly in cqc
  • I recommend against using the pump shotgun indoors, unless you have to. It’s slow cycle rate between shots will often get you killed unless you’re very accurate. The double barrel shotgun is much better in my opinion for indoor conflict.
  • Do not underestimate the range of a shotgun. Even without the choke mod on a shotgun they spread more realistically in this game than in most other games, and can deal devastating blows 15-30 feet away.
  • Don’t rely on pistols unless you absolutely have to. If you do, try to fire from third person while standing still. The P92 (Beretta) is arguable the best pistol for closer ranges, but all are garbage in my opinion. I tend to drop my pistol/ammo once I have two primaries to save bagspace. The pistol itself doesn’t take up bagspace but if you’re carrying an m16 and a shotgun, the 9mm or .45 in your inventory is a waste of space as you’ll most likely never find a use for the pistol in the match.
  • The Saiga (S12K) Is fully moddable, and semi automatic, but deals slightly less damage than the other shotguns. It can also be silenced with an AR silencer.

The Medical System

The medical system in Battlegrounds is very interesting as it doesn’t directly give players who have more meds an advantage over those who don’t. It consists of six useable items which I will be going into detail below. The most important factor of the medical system is that it requires a time investment to heal, or begin healing. As opposed to games like WarZ where players can spam useable items and immediately heal in the middle of being shot at.

Medkits aside, you can only heal up to 75% of your health using bandages and first-aid kits. The final 25% can only be regained using Boosters such as painkillers or energy-drinks.

Boost Bar

Once you use a booster, (Redbull/Painkillers/Adrenaline Syringe) a small thin bar will appear above your health bar. This is the boost bar and it is broken up into four main sections. Each section adds a different effect and once a booster is used you will notice that the duration of the booster will slowly tick down.

  • The first section applies a light heal over time effect.
  • The second section applies a stronger heal over time effect.
  • The third section applies a run speed boost, and when any portion of this bar is filled there will be a small circular icon on the top right portion of the boost bar of a running icon.
  • The fourth and smallest section is slightly ambiguous, but I’ve been told that it increases ADS accuracy. This may have been patched or changed since release.

Healing Items

(The time required to use these medical items is from memory, please correct me if they are innaccurate and I will update the post)

  • Medkit, Takes 10 seconds to use. These are quite rare. Heals the player to 100% HP
  • First-Aid Kit (FAK), Takes 7.5 seconds to use. Heals the player to 75% HP
  • Bandage, Takes 3 seconds to use. Heals 10% per bandage used, as a heal over time with a very short duration (3 seconds I believe) can only be used up to 75% HP
  • Painkillers Take 7.5 seconds to use. (1) will fill the entire first two sections of the boost bar and very slightly into the third section. (2) will fully fill the boost bar.
  • Energy Drinks Takes 4 seconds to use. (1) will fill the first section of the boost bar fully, and half of the second section. (2) will fill the first two sections of the boost bar fully, and half of the third section.
  • Adrenaline Syringe Takes 10 seconds to use. Will fill the players boost bar entirely. Can only be found in air-drops.

Assault Rifles

  • The AK has the most powerful round, but slowest fire-rate of all AR’s; making it a great option to plink on people at range with, but due to it’s heavy kick and slow fire-rate, the gun suffers when brawling at medium ranges.
  • The M4 is an exceptional close range weapon due to its high rate of fire and low recoil, I’ve wiped many squads in and around compounds with it on full auto, but due to it’s design it’s heavily dependant on weapon mods.
  • The M16 is arguably the best multi-purpose rifle in the game both modded and unmodded. It has (in my opinion) the best ironsights in the game, and although it can’t go full auto; spamming burst fire at close range is equally as deadly.
  • The SCAR is (in my opinion) the worst AR in the game. It has no significant advantages over the other ARs, and has the worst ironsights in the game. It has the slowest fire-rate of the 5.56 AR’s, and worst range of all the ARs, but is still a very worthy tool if no better options present themselves.


  • Grenades can be cooked by holding down left-click before throwing them. Be careful though because if you cook a frag-grenade for too long it -will- blow up in your hands.
  • Frag Grenade, your standard issue m67 frag grenade, fairly small explosive radius but extremely deadly. Great for clearing questionable rooms in buildings or lobbing in through second story windows while assaulting a house. Use with caution.
  • Smoke Grenade, great at creating ‘soft cover’ out in the open as it occludes vision with easy, try to carry a few of these if possible. If one smoke is good, three is better.
  • Stun Grenade, similarly to flashbangs in counter-strike, stun grenades will pierce your enemies ears and blind them. Utilize these when assaulting buildings if necessary, works best in duo or squad. Blinding effect seems to last 3-5 seconds.
  • Molotov Grenade, I’ve yet to have success with molotovs, but they seem fairly straightforward. Might be a great tool for digging someone out of a small enclosed room.

Weapon Mods

  • Red Dot Sight The RDS is extremely precise, and offers a great range of vision.
  • Holo Sight The holo sight adds a slight magnification value at the cost of bulkier housing.
  • 4x ACOG Extremely viable at close and long range, and can act as a sniper scope.
  • 8x CQBS The primary ‘long distance’ scope of the game, a powerful tool when attached to a sniper-rifle, but also viable on AR’s.
  • 15x Sniper Scope Extremely rare, can only be found in air-drops.

  • Flash Hider Does the obvious, reduces muzzle flash, also slightly reduces recoil.
  • Compensator Reduces weapon recoil substantially.
  • Silencer (AR/Sniper/SMG/Pistol) Should be self explanatory.
  • Choke Reduces spread on shotgun pellets substantially.

  • Extended Mag. Increases ammo capacity by 10.
  • Quick Draw Mag. Increases reload speed.
  • Extended Quick Draw Mag. Best of both worlds.

  • Vertical Grip Reduces horizontal pull
  • Angled Grip Reduces vertical recoil

  • Bullet Loops Decreases reload time.
  • Cheek Pad Cheek pads increase stability while aiming in, reducing sway of the scope.
  • Tactical Stock Reduces recoil (M416 Only)


The Circle

Always, stay ahead of the circle. You can be careless with the first circle, but I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of this.

  • Before the first circle pops you’ll have a few minutes to land and loot.
  • The first circle will dictate the play area for the rest of the game, loot what you can before heading into it. Once the first grace period ends the blue circle will begin to advance on the white one from outside the bounds of the map until it stops at the white border.
  • All blue circles will deal 2x damage per tick once it has reached the white border and stopped.
  • The blue circle progressively changes through out the game. The earliest circles move very quickly, but are also very weak and boosters can heal you through the damage.
  • As the game progresses the circle’s closing speed slows down, but it begins to hit for more damage. The final circles are deadly to be in even for a second or two. These will chunk you.
  • The entirety of the circle closes at once. Meaning that if the east side of the blue circle is further from the white circle than the west side, the east side will move faster than the west side. Keep this in mind when repositioning for circles.
  • In early to midgame, just because you have the blue circle closing behind you doesn’t mean you are safe. Make sure to look into the electrical field behind you every now and then to make sure people aren’t still running in. If they are, one or two shots will surely kill them (depending on the strength of the circle*) as they have constant damage over time being administered to them aswell.


  • There are five vehicles currently in Battlegrounds.
  • The Dacia – Seats four players. The Dacia has the highest top speed in the game, however this vehicle is bright blue and sticks out like a sore thumb in a forest.
  • The UAZ (Covered) – Seats four players. The UAZ is a dark green color off-road jeep, with a greyish black soft-top cover. The cover on this vehicle makes it difficult for other players to see how many people are in the car while it’s moving quickly. It has a medium speed, but hefty suspension allowing it to trudge through harsh terrain easier than the Dacia or Buggy. The UAZ is exceptionally good at conquering steep terrain, but due to its shape it can roll very easily.
  • The UAZ (Uncovered) – This vehicle is the exact same as the covered UAZ, but without the soft-top. I don’t believe there are any statistical differences between these two, however I would recommend the covered variant over the uncovered due to other players ability to easily see how many people are in your vehicle.
  • The Buggy – Seats two. This rock crawler is loud and quick, but due to its unique design and weight distribution it seems to flip (backwards) easier than the other vehicles. The buggy is great at moving between point A and B, but it’s second seat is very exposed riding on the top is extremely dangerous under fire.
  • The Boat – Seats four. Boats are a fantastic alternative to crossing the large bridges in this game. They’re fast and agile (once they are moving) and have great visibility to shoot from if sitting still. They can be beached very easily however, and at lower speeds are very difficult to turn around be sure to give yourself ample turning room when you hop in a fresh spawned boat.
  • It is rumored that the devlopers are in progress of creating a motorcycle (Possibly a two seater)
  • This image of a truck was also hinted at as being a drive-able vehicle in the future.
  • Tires in this game can be shot and destroyed though they are difficult to hit on moving vehicles, this significantly hinders the speed of the vehicle and in most cases renders the vehicle useless once it slows down.


Airdrops can be found all around the map, and are dropped by planes passing overhead. These planes have a locked trajectory meaning that they will travel from point A to point B just like the initial plane you jump out of.

  • Airdrops are large red crates with a blue tarp cover. When they land they will emit a red smoke signal to help players find them in forested areas or on top of hills.
  • Airdrops contain some of the best loot in the game, but are very difficult to loot or steal before other players show up. Be very careful when approaching them, and make sure to leave as quickly as you can once you loot.
  • The smoke that the airdrop emits only lasts roughly 1 minute, some airdrops do go unlooted and uncontested if they are out of the way, just because it isn’t smoking doesn’t mean there isn’t loot left in them. In airdrops you can find the following:
  • Tier 3 Helmets and Vests
  • M24 Sniper Rifle
  • AWM Sniper Rifle
  • 8x, and 15x scopes
  • Adrenaline Syringes
  • Ghillie Suits
  • M249 SAW Machine Gun
  • Tommy Gun
  • And ammo for the respective guns that drop in these

Utilizing cars to their full extent

Having a car early game is an amazing tool to allow you to move and loot freely. The longer you hold onto a vehicle however the more likely you are to be ambushed/give away your position. However they can also enable you to move to compounds before other players and set up ambushes:

  • Find a compound on the map thats inside the white circle, this works best when the circle is still fairly large.
  • When approaching an unlooted compound in a car during midgame try to park your car around ‘back’ or inside of a garage / building, and in a fashion that will enable you to leave quickly in case the circle sneaks up on you.
  • Try to keep doors on the outsides of buildings closed, and find a good vantage point in the compound. Be it a roof or balcony, just somewhere you can see the majority of the buildings.
  • Wait and listen, most often players will drive around a compound and try to see if doors are open, as this is an indicator that people either have been, or are there. If you’ve kept all the doors closed, they’ll most likely approach and park the car somewhere in the compound. Use this opportunity to ambush them before they can make it to cover.

I’ve used this tactic in squad games and have easily wiped four man squads with only two people.

  • Always check for brake-lights when a car has been driven by a player, its brake-lights will most likely be left on, however this can be inconsistent with vehicle-spawns. This is an easy way to tell if a car parked on a road near a compound is a spawn, or bait for an ambush.
  • Be warned however, players can tap forward before exiting a car to to toggle the breaklights off, however this only works on flat terrain as if you do this on a hill the car will be in neutral and will roll away from you. ( Credit /u/Xreal )
  • Cars make great mobile cover, but be warned they can be blown up quite easily.
  • Don’t be afraid to make use of jerry cans that you stumble upon when looting in the mid game. Especially if you’ve had your car since the jump.

Late Game

  • Take your time (if you can) when analyzing the final circles, try your best to pick advantageous terrain, as hills / birms / trees / buildings play a huge role in the final conflicts.
  • Just because you’re in the white circle doesn’t mean you’re safe, players can still end up behind you be very wary of this as you approach the end game. Nobody wants to get flanked in the top 10.
  • Don’t rely to heavily on smoke grenades, the smoke they generate is client side and this causes inconsistencies. Ie: for some players a smoke grenade can be blowing to the left, while for others it can be blowing to the right.
  • If you absolutely have to rely on smokes, throw many of them.
  • Silencers are amazing in this game, almost OP; in a 30-40m radius they can be heard when fired, but outside of that they are virtually impossible to hear.

Map Knowledge

Studying the map in this game is extremely important. The map is an extremely useful tool for planning looting routes and trying to figure out where you want to insert yourself into the next white circle before the blue one closes.

  • Almost all buildings or points of interest are labelled on the map with a yellow sillohuette.
  • However some are not. Ingame there are various underground military tunnels that aren’t listed on the map and they are full of loot. If you look on the map in quadrant F-4 there is a set of military tunnel enterances by hook in the dirt road. Some of these interconnect underground as well.
  • There is another set of military tunnels up north by Severny’s Gun-Range. One on the south-east side a small jog away from the compound, and one on the north-west side practically touching the compound. These two tunnels do not connect. They are very easy to miss- but if you have the opportunity you should loot them as they have a high chance of having good loot.
  • The map isn’t topographical, meaning you can’t accurately judge elevation or mountainous terrain which puts some serious pressure on you as a player to remember what areas have hills, where they might be, and what the best way of approaching any given area is.
  • Remember that you don’t have to take every fight, survival is the key to success. Terrain advantage plays a huge role in surviving firefights, and if you study your map and surroundings you can set yourself up in beneficial positions more easily.
  • Here is a loot-map made by ShatterNL
  • Learn boat spawns, and utilize them. Crossing the water in a boat is significantly safer than crossing the large bridges in a vehicle.


  • Swimming is fairly buggy at the moment, as there is no bullet penetration into the water. Hopefully we see some changes to this in the future as this means you cannot be shot if you dive underwater. Luckily you can’t stay underwater forever.
  • Hold W and look down to dive underwater when swimming on the surface.
  • If you are still in the water you can hold CTRL to submerge yourself without having to look down.
  • You swim fastest underwater, if you need to cross a lake or stream make sure you do so underwater for maximum speed.


All three games have seperate payouts for winning.

  • All games reward 20 points per kill, and up to 20 points for damaging an opponent.
  • Solo wins payout 800 BP for first place. (Not including kills / damage)
  • Duo wins payout 400 BP per person, for first place. (Not including kills / damage)
  • Squad wins payout 200 BP per person, for first place. (Not including kills / damage)
  • These winning values seem very skewed towards solo players, but hopefully in the days ahead we’ll recieve slightly more for winning squad games. There is much controversy over the squad-rewards at the moment.
  • BP can be used to purchase rewards crates, which can be opened for cosmetics.
  • The first crate costs 700BP, from there it increases by 700 to 1,400BP for the second crate, and from there all further crates increase by 1,400BP with each purchase. The crates cap at 7,000BP and will remain at that cost until the weekly reset.
  • 700 / 1400 / 2800 / 4200 / 5600 / 7000
  • The price of crates resets every sunday back down to 700BP.
  • The cosmetics recieved in these crates have absolutely no in-game value, other than camouflage or style. They do not add any form of carrying capacity whatsoever.

General Tips


  • Weather, In Battlegrounds there is a 1/10 chance (might be higher now a days) to have the match take place in a rainstorm. Rain makes hearing exceptionally more difficult for everyone. It also adds a light fog at distance, and makes it more difficult to spot slow-moving players at range.
  • As of the latest patch, thunder has also been added to the rainstorms.
  • If you put away your weapon with ‘X’ you will run (slightly) faster than having a weapon in your hands. Be warned this is risky as it will take you time to draw your weapon if you are engaged.
  • With your weapons away, you can punch with left click. This is a useful tool for breaking glass in the windows of a building you’re going to be camping as it helps conceal your position once you begin engaging, or plinking on an enemy at range.
  • All weapons suffer from bullet drop and velocity. There are no hitscan weapons in the game, however certain ammunition travels faster than others. According to PU There are roughly 80 factors in calculating ballistics in the game, though not much has been said other than that.
  • Battlegrounds has an auto-run feature which is by default bound to “=”
  • Make sure you throw your grenade if you’ve pulled the pin. Don’t pull the pin on a grenade and then switch weapons, this will put the nade back on your belt and it will still explode.
  • With smoke grenades, pulling the pin and swapping weapons will cause the grenade to hestitate for a moment before activating and falling to the ground. This could be useful if you needed to drop a smoke behind you while running, but I can’t think of many circumstances in which this would very viable.
  • Grenades have a trajectory line, use this to your advantage, but beware when throwing into windows at close range the nade seems to fly slightly above the red line, aim low.
  • Grenades will break windows and continue travelling.
  • Grenades can be thrown through broken doors, shotgunning a hole in a door and throwing a grenade into a room is a very viable tactic in duos.
  • Grenades can go through windows that have window-bars on them, though it may be inconsistent!
  • There is no bullet penetration in the game, you cannot shoot through walls or trees.
  • Stay ahead of the circle, It can be both your worst enemy, and your best friend. Pray to RNGesus for the circle movements, sometimes they’re in your favor, sometimes they aren’t.
  • On the right side of your UI above your map there is a great interface for judging circle distance, it also has a timer on it to let you know when the grace period is ending. Use it.
  • Words to live by, Loot & Scoot.

Meds good, circle bad, loot- scoot- ‘n earn them chicken dinners.

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