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You can now reply to Instagram Stories with photos and video

You can now reply to Instagram Stories with photos and video

by Matt BleasbyJuly 6, 2017

Instagram has updated its Stories feature with the ability to reply to stories with either photos or video. This means you can use all the creative tools found in the Instagram camera, including filters, Boomerang, rewind & stickers to show the original poster exactly how your really feel about what they’re sharing.

The replies feature also lets you use a new sticker that actually contains the original Story you’re replying to, which can be resized & positioned anywhere in your frame. These photo & video replies will show up in a user’s inbox, & as with other disappearing content shared in Instagram’s Direct messages, the sender will see a notification if you screenshot or replay their photo or video reply to your story.

This may not seem like a huge feature update, but it’s likely to help increase the conversational engagement of Stories considerably. Text replies are nice, but actually letting people snap a quick selfie reaction or show someone their own pooch in response to a cute dog story, for instance, sounds like a lot more of a compelling use case for replies to Stories in general.

Photo & video replies are available in Instagram version 10.28 for both iOS & &roid.

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