Xbox Series X: New console unveiled by Microsoft – Here’s all we know!

Microsoft has revealed the real name and design for Project Scarlett at The Game Awards, as well as new game Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

If you stayed up late to watch The Game Awards you would’ve got a major surprise when one of the first things to be announced was, not a new game, but a new console. The codename Project Scarlett no longer has to be used, as Microsoft revealed that their new console is called Xbox Series X. Which, err… is terrible, really.

Here is the World Premier official XBOX Reveal Trailer:

Probably even worse than Xbox One given how easily it’s going to be confused with the current gen Xbox One X. You would’ve thought they’d learn from the abject failure of the Wii U, but this seems to make exactly the same mistake in terms of confusing names. But Microsoft has announced it now, so there’s no going back, and clearly the idea is that people will just refer to it as ‘Xbox’ once it’s established and the Xbox One is forgotten.

The name itself implies that there will be several models of the console, which seems to reinforce recent rumours of a more powerful model and a more entry level version – although none of that was specifically addressed by Microsoft.

In fact, they didn’t really say anything and we only know that you can lay the console down horizontally thanks to a brief interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer on GameSpot. Vertical seems to be the default orientation though, where the console looks more like an Amazon Echo, or perhaps a Wi-Fi router tower, than a traditional design.

The Full Reveal from Spencer:

When stood vertically the footprint is only about as much as a controller so it’s pretty small and according to Microsoft very quiet – and they do have good form on that given how silently the Xbox One runs compared to the noisy PlayStation 4. There’s also a new wireless controller, which doesn’t seem to have a name, that features a PlayStation 4 style Share button for capturing screenshots and video. It also works on all existing Xbox One consoles and PCs and has the new D-pad from the Elite Series 2 joypads.

Spencer didn’t offer any detailed information about the tech specs, except for confirmation that the console will feature a NVMe SSD and use top-of-the-line GDDR6 memory as RAM.

-12TF GPU; pushing to be “the most powerful console”

-4x CPU speed of X1X

-Designed to be as quiet/quieter than X1X -Dedicated share button on controller

-Can pause/resume multiple games simultaneously -Full backwards compatibility

The Xbox Series X is set to launch in the window of Holiday 2020, as is Sony’s PlayStation 5. For more on Microsoft’s upcoming console, be sure to stay up to date with us here / On our Discord Channel or on Twitter.

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